ACL Surgery: Do I need it? Will mine succeed? Is it expensive?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are the largest single problem in orthopaedic sports medicine. The ACL provides almost 90% of the stability to the knee joint.

If you have experienced an ACL injury that has meant you need to have an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (commonly referred to as an ACL Reconstruction), you must have a clear understanding of what is really involved and be fully informed before making a decision to undergo surgery. Here are 7 of the biggest questions that people ask:

What are the risks of an ACL reconstruction?

Why should I have ACL Surgery?

Will I be able to return to sport after an ACL reconstruction?

What are the chances of my ACL reconstruction failing?

How soon after surgery will I be able to drive my car?

How much will ACL surgery cost me?

What kind of scars will I have after ACL Surgery?

It is essential to find out as much as you can about the ACL reconstruction process and rehabilitation before you commit yourself to surgery. Perhaps you have already had an ACL reconstruction and are struggling through your recovery.

A fantastic guide has been put together which answers all the big questions and details everything you need to know about ACL surgery and rehabilitation. Here's a snapshot what you'll get in The Essential ACL Reconstruction and Recovery Guide:

ACL Basics and Definitions (page 6)
Ways to Tear Your ACL (page 10)
Symptoms of a Torn ACL (page 12)
Who You Should See about Your ACL Tear or Knee Injury (page 15)
ACL Surgery Options (page 17)
ACL Reconstruction Statistics and Facts (page 24)
Case Study: The What, Why and How of ACL Surgery and Recovery (page 27)
Why Have an ACL Reconstruction? (page 30)
Just Before the ACL Reconstruction (page 35)
Preparing for an ACL Reconstruction (page 38)
Reconstruction Day! (page 42)
ACL Reconstruction - The Road to Recovery (page 51)
Photos of the Knee After an ACL Reconstruction (page 70)
Program of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Exercises (page 73)
Knee Clicking and Pain - Reasons and Remedies (page 88)
ACL Reconstructions and Arthritis (page 90)
ACL Surgery and Screws in Your Knee (page 95)
ACL Surgery Potential Complications (page 96)
Cost of an ACL Reconstruction (page 100)
ACL Surgery in Youth and Kids (page 102)
Knee Reconstruction vs. Knee Replacement (page 104)
Where to get more Medical Information and Explanations (page 105)
Frequently Asked Questions about ACL Reconstructions (page 106)

It contains an abundance of lessons and tips throughout all the stages of your ACL recovery experience. It is a resource that give you everything you need to know during your decision process, surgery itself, and the recovery period.

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